How We Can Help

How We Can Help


Experienced Fractional Hires:
CFO, COO, VP of Finance

  • Need an experienced advisor who has demonstrated success addressing similar issues, but can’t justify the cost for full-time hire?
  • Need to fill a senior position temporarily while you’re looking to hire for a specific role?
  • Getting pressure from investors to build out your team?
  • Need to connect with the investor community?
  • Need help understanding how to increase profit margins and EBITDA?

Advisory Consulting

  • Need specific functional experience to lead special projects or complement existing teams (e.g., preparing for acquisition or a new product launch)?
  • Need experienced staff to jump in and lead an important project?
  • Juggling day-to-day challenges and need to free up in-house resources to focus on the core business?
  • Looking for an experienced, fresh perspective and/or a business advisor, if you’re stagnant or facing a critical business decision?

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